“Due to some difficult family issues I didn’t have all of my
information in order this year. Ben was very patient with me and helped me
contact the places I needed to in order to get all my information.”

“I was a new client of B.A.T.S. this year and I will be
back. I have also referred family members to B.A.T.S. was impressed with the knowledge that Ben had about who to contact to get the missing information I needed. Also the fact that, Ben didn’t make me feel dumb since I was unable to get the information myself.”

“A friend of mine has gone to B.A.T.S. for the last 3 years. I was unhappy with my previous preparer so my friend told me to go see Ben. Ben was able to go back 3 years and amend my taxes that my previous preparer had screwed up, I got back over $2,000. You can bet that I will be back next year!”

“Ben has been doing my taxes for the last 5 years. I enjoy his outgoing personality & thoroughness of the interview and review from previous years returns he does.”

“Your ability to solve our complex issues in taxes allowed management to better understand cash flow positions”
Lanattee, Trappers Bar & Grill

(The testimonials below are from current clients Of Dons’s Accounting & Tax Service, Inc)

“There never seems to be enough time in the day for all the
things that need my attention, so the money that we spend having D.A.T.S. do our monthly accounting on QuickBooks is worth every dollar spent. D.A.T.S. has been doing my accounting since 1999 and I have been very satisfied with the service that has been given to me.” Dan Falck, Midwest Speciality Sales

“The operating costs of my business need constant attention to stay
profitable. The flexibility that D.A.T.S. offers in letting me do my own data
entry helps to keep the cost of my accounting down. D.A.T.S. has been doing my accounting since 1998 and I have been very satisfied with the service that has been given us.” Scott Panning, Trails End Pro Sports

“Don has been doing my taxes for over 20 years. I like the
thoroughness of his interviews with me and the tax organizer that he sends out ahead of time.”